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Saving Paint

When you choose a special color to paint a room in your house, you inevitably end up with extra paint left over at the

Sewing Kit

We’ve had many sewing kits gifted to us over the years, always in little cloth or plastic bags that we end up losing. Seems

Pincushion Lid for Mason Jar

A few of you asked about how to make the pincushion lid on the mason jar sewing kit. Well lucky for you I’ve found a great tutorial.

Table Lamp

This is a piece of mason jar art from Michael on Etsy. As with some of our previous mason jar crafts, this isn’t something

Silverware Caddy

I really like the convenience of keeping silverware in mason jars or silverware caddies in general. You can take your whole silverware collection and

DIY Mason Jar Candles

This extremely simple mason jar craft only takes a few minutes to create, and will make a gift that friends and family will rave

Jar Herb Garden

If like me you’re just getting started with gardening herbs are the best place to start. Herbs are very high value, extremely easy to grow

Mason Jar Light Fixture

We had these lights above our breakfast bar in our old house. They are made out of a large mason jar with the bottom

Button Jar

A reader sends in this clever button jar with buttons welded to the lid itself! You will never be in doubt of the jar’s

Soap Dish

I accidentally discovered this brilliant mason jar soap dish idea today. We had just cleaned the bathroom to be sparkling perfect because we’re moving. I

Gifts in a Jar

These are an array of quart  jarred gifts from The Gunny Sack. Each gift is themed and stuffed with useful items, labeled and color

Organize Fabric Scraps

Quart mason jars are a great way to organize those fabric scraps to use for future projects. Since mason jars are see-through, you can

Bathroom Organizer

This is a great way to keep all your bathroom accessories from sprawling all over the sink area. A cedar panel serves as the

Grow Green Onions in a Mason Jar

This is one of my favorite grocery multipliers because it takes a food that we eat a lot of – green onions – that

Piggy Bank

I’ll admit right off the bat that this mason jar craft isn’t very special or creative at all. It’s the combinations you can make