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Saving Paint

When you choose a special color to paint a room in your house, you inevitably end up with extra paint left over at the

Cocktail Shaker

This is the next in an awfully long series on alcoholic uses for mason jars. The mason jars on this site are obviously not your grandma’s


I’ve seen serious gardeners use a casserole dish as a greenhouse to save a struggling plant. Of course, a large mason jar will work

Plastic Lids for Mason Jars

These simple screw on plastic lids are my favorite accessory to a mason jar. Plastic is the New Tin Thing is, those flimsy disposable

Table Lamp

This is a piece of mason jar art from Michael on Etsy. As with some of our previous mason jar crafts, this isn’t something

iPhone Tripod

I built this mason jar tripod because we didn’t care to pay 13$ and have to wait for this tripod to come in the

Mocha Frappuccino in a Mason Jar

This is the recipe for my Mocha Frappuccino clone created with nothing but mason jars. The coffee base I use is the remains from the

Pourable Mason Jars

These mason jar caps are a great invention. They turn any standard mason jar – of any size – into a pourable container with

Mason Jar Sauerkraut

This is guest post from Shannon. Sauerkraut is easy, it happens automatically. Stuff the right amount of cabbage, salt and water into a jar

Teacup and Teapot

Fancy a jar of tea?   This is our tea set, brewing a special blend called “organic coffee chai.”  We actually own a “real”

Jar Herb Garden

If like me you’re just getting started with gardening herbs are the best place to start. Herbs are very high value, extremely easy to grow

Sourdough Starter in a Mason Jar

Modern bread is made with highly efficient industrial yeasts. While this yeast is very predictable and faster than Usain Bolt on an airport conveyor walkway,

Gifts in a Jar

These are an array of quart  jarred gifts from The Gunny Sack. Each gift is themed and stuffed with useful items, labeled and color

Organizing Christmas Lights

Sure, christmas lights are great – but don’t you hate untangling them in early December? Well here’s an easy solution. You can coil up

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

These have gotten so popular at weddings that they’re now spilling over into everyday life. It’s spawning an entire industry around mason jar centerpieces.