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Saving Paint

When you choose a special color to paint a room in your house, you inevitably end up with extra paint left over at the

Mason Jar Matchbook

Ever notice that the box matches come falls apart instantly once it gets a little bit wet? Or that it loses its structural integrity

Mason Jar Martini Glass

By now everyone has seen mason jar wine glasses in stores, usually up near the register where they put impulse buys. But what about

Mason Jar Whipped Cream (in Blender)

We used to make whipped cream in a big bowl with an electric hand mixer, but I’m happy to announce that now we have

Mason Jar BBQ Sauce

We just made a couple pans of barbecue ribs using this great beer barbecue recipe. And of course all the extra barbecue sauce made

Mason Jar Wedding Favors

This is a guest post by Brittany from basicbimbo.com. She’s known for her paleo dessert recipes, beauty reviews and DIY ideas! Right now I’m

Carrot Cake

Microwave mug cakes are a great way to have instant cake! Like with all microwave mug cakes, these should be eaten immediately or they

Silverware Caddy

I really like the convenience of keeping silverware in mason jars or silverware caddies in general. You can take your whole silverware collection and

Whiskey Glass

Faced with a complete lack of whiskey glasses, we once again cracked open the mason jar boxes to find something that could sub in.

DIY Mason Jar Candles

This extremely simple mason jar craft only takes a few minutes to create, and will make a gift that friends and family will rave

Pourable Mason Jars

These mason jar caps are a great invention. They turn any standard mason jar – of any size – into a pourable container with

Teacup and Teapot

Fancy a jar of tea?   This is our tea set, brewing a special blend called “organic coffee chai.”  We actually own a “real”

Soap Dish

I accidentally discovered this brilliant mason jar soap dish idea today. We had just cleaned the bathroom to be sparkling perfect because we’re moving. I

Mason Jar Cupcake Recipe

Ingredients 1/2 pint mason jars (18.25-ounce) package cake mix 2 eggs 1 1/4 cups buttermilk 2 TB oil 1 TSP lemon juice 1 container

Mason Jar Shaker

At first we only used our mason jar shaker to spread dutch chocolate sandwich sprinkles – called Hagelslag – but started using it for more