Baby Announcement

There’s a lot of creative ways couples are announcing their new babies to the world, here’s one we came up with using mason jars.

mason jar baby announcement

We selected 2 larger pint sized jars, one tall and square for me and one shorter and curvy for her. We used the smallest jar we could find for the new baby and labeled it ? since we don’t even know the gender yet.

Pint jars are easy to find, but those tiny 4 oz jars are more rare. We were lucky to find 2 in a large box of bigger mason jars. Here’s where to find 4 oz. jars on Amazon.

We stuffed each jar with a different cloth. A flowery pattern for her and striped rough fabric for him. We also considered using our favorite candies but I liked this because it was simplest.

We used these cupcake-shaped gift tags for the labels, cutting the baby one to a smaller size, otherwise it would be as big as the jar. Here’s what the original size looked like.mason jar baby obscured


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