The Mason Jar Drinking Mug Attachment

The Cuppow mason jar attachment turns any wide mouth mason jar into the same kind of mug you might buy from the coffee shop.


Unlike my own portable coffee mug version that requires you to remove the entire cap and do your best not to spill coffee all over yourself, this unit has a sealing interior ring that keeps liquid from sloshing out when not being sipped. It’s much better for drinking morning java during a bumpy commute to work or classes.

Since it works with any size mason jar, you’re no longer restricted to a specific size of container to keep your drinks in. You could go as small as a modest pint size, or as big as a half gallon for those all-nighter coding sessions.


The Cuppow is made and shipped by 3 American guys, and is so popular that it has already spawned an entire line of similar mason jar mug attachments.

Cuppow is on sale for just 8 bucks at the time of this writing.


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