Saving Paint

When you choose a special color to paint a room in your house, you inevitably end up with extra paint left over at the end of this job.

This isn’t a bad thing! In fact you may very well need this spare paint in the future for when the paint job you just spent a day layering onto your drywall inevitably gets chipped and damaged.

But saving those old paint cans is troublesome. Our old house had a gross old pile of rusty paint buckets which had become cemented shut over years of being left in the humid air. And having too much air inside the paint bucket can dry out the surface of the remaining paint, making it gloppy and gross when you do finally need to use it.


That’s why so many home improvers use clear glass mason jars to store their leftover paint. The amount of paint you have left dictates the size of the jar you store it in – no storage space is wasted!

Name each mason jar with the name of the paint as well as the room it was used in. It also might be prudent to name the store you bought the paint in originally just in case you need to ever buy it again!

Photo Credit: Katie Marie

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