Plastic Lids for Mason Jars

These simple screw on plastic lids are my favorite accessory to a mason jar.


Plastic is the New Tin

Thing is, those flimsy disposable metal lids have a few problems.

Problem 1, each one comes in 2 pieces. For hot water canning, you need that – but for most anything else you can do with a mason jar, it’s too much fussing.

Problem 2, those metal lids are delicate. If you’re using one just for everyday mason jar things, you’ll quickly ruin the seal, making them useless for canning in the future. So i keep my disposable lids in their boxes except when i’m boiling up a batch of jam.

Problem 3, metal lids will actually CUT you. I’ve been sliced several times when not being careful. It’s never going to be a fatal accident for you, but if you can save yourself the pain, why not do it?

Cool Things to Do with Plastic Lids

These plastic lids are moddable! That means you can bore holes in them for a wire, or a straw or anything. Here are some drink jars for kids non spill made by Amber on Etsy.


I personally use these plastic lids to turn a mason jar into a portable to-go coffee mug.

Where to Get Plastic Mason Jar Lids

I save every single plastic lid from my fancy pants raw honey jars. The lid is the exact right fit! You’ll probably find these plastic lids on all kinds of other things too – so watch out for them and stop throwing them away!

I do buy lids as well, since we just don’t quite eat honey fast enough to get enough lids for all the things we use them for. You can get both regular and wide mouth versions on Amazon.

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