Organizing Christmas Lights

Sure, christmas lights are great – but don’t you hate untangling them in early December?

Well here’s an easy solution. You can coil up all your christmas lights into a mason jar.


This keeps them both compact and organized. If you pack it properly, it’s as easy to unravel as pulling a Kleenex out of a box.

This is a length of 12′ christmas lights in a large quart-sized mason jar. It’s stuffed in there pretty tight, if you wanted to store more christmas lights you’d want  a bigger jar.


The coolest part about this setup – is that you can plug it in! Now you’ve got a mason jar disco ball!


If you’re going to leave this plugged in, make sure your christmas lights aren’t incandescent – meaning they produce a lot of heat. You don’t want to create a fire hazard. LED lights don’t create a lot of heat. They are a little more expensive, but will never burn out. Here’s a great example of LED lights from Amazon.

Finally, here’s a little bit different of a take on mason jars and christmas lights I found on pinterest. Each jar has just a few christmas lights in it, and the rest are strung along a clothesline.


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