One-cup Filter Cone Mason Jar Attachment

I grew up with parents who made coffee one mug at a time with a one-cup filter cone. Unlike percolators and drip machines you have to plug into the wall, this ultra compact coffee maker only takes up the same footprint as a coffee mug.


The one-cup filter cone fits on top of most standard coffee mugs, and holds just enough coffee grounds to make a single strong cup of coffee. You’ll need to use #2 coffee filters to hold your grounds and keep your coffee from going crunchy.

Why Not Stick one on a Mason Jar?

That’s exactly what one company out of Pennsylvania is doing. They’re developing the “Pour Mason” – the latest Kickstarter in a proven successful series of crowd funded mason jar attachments that have captured the hearts of hipsters everywhere.


With just 5 days remaining as of this publishing, they already have enough funds to begin producing them. No word yet on whether or not the Pour Mason will interface with reusable coffee filters. But like anything else that screws into a universal wide mouth, you’ve got your choice of size for every size of coffee emergency.


Once the Pour Mason is available to buy, this blog will be one of the first to know. In the meantime, browse through the many one-cup filter cones listed on Amazon. Since a regular mouth mason jar is the same size as a coffee mug, these filter cones will already work on them. The only differences are that they tend to be smaller than the Pour Mason, and won’t fasten in under the mason jar ring.

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