Mason Jar Snow Globes

You don’t have to be a toy maker to make a professional looking snow globe any more! You can make very nice scenes with just a few ingredients, built out of a mason jar of your choosing.


The liquid inside a snow globe is none other than water – which you probably won’t have any problem getting hold of. Since mason jar lids already seal, you won’t need any crazy sealants like epoxy unless you’re gluing parts inside the snow globe.

Making the Mason Jar Snow Globe

You’ll need the following materials:

  • Mason Jar (wide mouth or regular)
  • Ring and Seal Lid
  • Artificial Snow (see Insta-Powder)
  • Scene Materials (fake trees, figurines, anything you want.)
  • Water

Building the Scene

This is the creative part. Just a few material ideas people use to build their snow globe scenes include

  • Modeling clay
  • Spray adhesive
  • Twigs
  • Model houses
  • Lego figurines
  • Ornaments
  • Toys

Build the scene on the bottom side of your mason jar lid – that’s the side that faces the jar. Modeling clay works really well to hold everything together because it’s waterproof.


Filling it Up, Sealing it Tight

When your scene is built, it’s time to set it in its little snowy world.

The goal here is to fill the jar up 100% with water so that you don’t get any little bubbles on the top of the jar. This is a little tricky to do.

Fill your jar almost full with water, then add your fake snow. Most snow globes use artificial snow but you can use glitter too if you like that look better. Use about a heaping spoonful in each pint mason jar snow globe.


Now fill your jar the rest of the way up to the brim!

When you slowly lower your scene into the mason jar, water will spill over the edge. This is what we want to happen! The scene will perfectly displace the exact amount of water and no more and you shouldn’t get any air bubbles at the top of your snow globe.

Secure the ring tight! You can decorate the ring with some ribbon if you like, or just say – “good enough!”

Unique Snow Globe Ideas

Not all snow globes have to be cutesy winter scenes. Since you’re building this, it should be full of your own personality. 

If you like skiing, for example, why not recreate your favorite slope and add some ski figurines? Or a tiny model of your hometown?  A really great place to look for some inspiration is the HO scale model train scenery section on Amazon. There you can find cheap models of people, cars, buildings, and scenery. Just make sure you’re getting your sizing right!

The snow globe project I am working on is to recreate the battle of Hoth from Star Wars with little storm troopers and rebel soldier figurines.


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