Mason Jar Shot Glasses

I suppose the mason jar shot glass was inevitable – mason jars are becoming very common vessels for any liquor type you can imagine.

On this site alone we’ve covered mason jar wine glasses, beer mugs, martini glasses, even whiskey glasses. Now mason jar shot glasses are complete the lineup of ways to get yourself blasted while reminiscing in the nostalgia of grandma’s homemade jam.


Mason jars aren’t ordinarily made in such tiny sizes – shot glasses are usually a piddling 4 oz size, about 1/2 of the size of a standard half-pint mason jar.

Unlike all the other liquor glasses we’ve covered, the lid for these shot glasses is NOT a standard mason jar lid of any type, but due to their mason jar heritage these are made of stronger stuff than your ordinary delicate shot glass.

This Mason Jars “shots” set is available on Amazon.


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