Mason Jar Shaker

At first we only used our mason jar shaker to spread dutch chocolate sandwich sprinkles Рcalled Hagelslag Рbut started using it for more and more shakeables.

mason jar shaker


We like to vary the size of the holes based on the flow we want – so for example we might use much smaller holes for salt and pepper and much larger holes for dry goods such as the lentils shown here.

shaker in storage mode

Our shaker jars have 2 modes Рstorage mode and shaker mode. The above jar is in storage mode Рand we can can quickly  transform it into shaker mode by swapping out the lid without holes for one with holes.

swapping out lids

We like to use old lids from past cannings that are normally thrown away instead of spending the money on new lids and destroying them right off the bat. That’s why this shaker lid is labelled “Chicken Stock.” ¬†Recycling old lids ensures we have a constant supply we can punch various sized holes into.

We shoot for an even shake, and keep adjusting our holes until we get it. Here’s a shot of the nice even shake we get with this hole pattern.


Similarly, some people like to take the top off a salt container to make a pourable mason jar. Also very clever!



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