Mason Jar Labels

Labeling each mason jar with care helps you tell the contents of your mason jar apart from one another. Last time I canned peach jam, I also made a half batch of almost identical looking cinnamon peach jam. Without a label you would never be able to tell unless you opened one up.

Dissolvable Mason Jar Labels

These are a special kind of label. They’re designed for use with canned foods, where you might use the same mason jar year after year, with different contents every time.


Dissolvable labels are much easier to remove than other labels, and you don’t need to apply a special sticker remover like Goo Gone just to get that weird sticky residue off.

Although the labels aren’t anything fancy – just a boring white shape you write on – they’re the ultimate in practical and useful. The best kind of labels for any canned good.  .Just make sure you add these labels after you do your processing. You need these labels to stay as dry as possible or they will do what they are intended to do – dissolve.

Find these exact dissolvable mason jar labels on Amazon.

Vintage Mason Jar Labels

If you’re not bothered with the practical end of the function/form spectrum, consider these fancy pants vintage labels. Hipster labels for hipster jar nuts.


These labels come via Cavallini & Co.

A word of warning! Just like stickers as a kid, you will probably go through your favorite labels first, leaving just the ones you don’t like. If you’re the type who wants all your labels to look and feel the same, you may be a candidate for..

Printable Mason Jar Labels

This is a great creative jar project. All the other labels on this page stick to the side of your jars, but these simple homemade labels attach to the top of the mason jar  just beneath the ring.


You see, these labels are printed out right on your color laser or inkjet printer with ordinary paper, no sticky backs involved!

The included template lets you design your labels custom fitted to your mason jar size whether regular or wide mouth.

Check out for the tutorial and printer templates.

Colored Mason Jar Labels

Of course you can pick up special sheets of printable labels compatible with your printer. You might want color coded labels but don’t have a colored printer or want to save money on expensive colored printer ink.


These stickers are of course not “dissolvable” – meaning that to fully remove all the back adhesive you will need your trusty bottle of goo-gone sticker remover. These color labels from the printer accessory company Avery are in every single big box office supply store, and on Amazon.

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