Beer Mug

Mason jars make excellent beer mugs, especially if you’ve ever needed a way to cap and keep beer in the fridge overnight.

mason jar beer mug

These mugs are slightly smaller than a pint mason jar, with the added benefit of a handle.

But if you’d rather not blow the 14$ on a fancy pants glass, you can be perfectly content just using a standard pint mason jar.

Because as I’m providing photographic proof of, a standard 12oz beer pours snugly into a standard pint-sized mason jar.


Want to step up your beer mug game? Try keeping your mason jar beer mugs in the freezer so they come out nice and frosty and the beer stays cold.

For me, nothing beats a tundra-cold Guinness.

And if you insist on a handled mason jar mug, you can get it on sale on Amazon right now.


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