High Power Internet Antenna

Lead paint, thick support columns or a whole bunch of full bookshelves. All things that get in the way of a strong internet signal.

We’ve struggled with a crappy internet connection in every apartment we’ve ever lived in. That is, until we built the jartenna!


This thing is the most powerful antenna available. It’s the one the soldiers in Iraq use to get a connection from halfway across the complex. Unimpeded, it has a maximum range of an entire mile.

By now it’s one of the most famous model numbers in internet hardware: the AWUS036H. It ships with a tiny antennae, but I’ve upgraded to an enormous 18″ antennae to maximize the strength of my connection. Both the unit and the upgraded antenna are sold together as a package deal.


The upgraded antenna comes with a magnetic base which prevents the very top heavy antenna from falling over. Of course it only works on metal surfaces! That’s where my jar comes in. A single pint sized wide mouth mason jar provides the stability that the antenna needs to stop tipping over, AND enough room left over to hold that inconvenient dongle.

The finished jartenna is a little crooked, but that has no negative impact whatsoever on the incredible wifi grabbing power of this setup. My AWUS036H-in-a-jar gets 5/5 bars, even though the internet signal has to pass through 3 thick walls from the 1950’s.


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