French Press

I know covering coffee container uses for mason jars 2 days in a row is committing a cardinal blogging sin, but one of our readers sent in this fantastic idea by the company Bucket in Portland Oregon.


It’s a universal french press that fits inside a mason jar. Included in their packages are wool mug cozies so you don’t burn your hands (as I always do when drinking hot coffee out jars without handles.)

They’ve solved a perennial problem with french presses, which is that the vessels are ALWAYS made cheaply. Personally I’ve owned 3 french presses over the years, and after just a few months they all ended up like specimen A in the following photo.


My one worry is regarding the exact cylinder shaped mason jar they use. They say the mason jar is universal and can be swapped out easily – in fact the mason jar is not included in the purchase – but I’ve personally never seen a mason jar of those exact dimensions. I certainly don’t own one. Wonder where they get their mason jars from?

If you want to find out more, check out their CrowdSupply campaign.


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