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Grain Sprouter

In an effort to increase the healthfulness of grains, cutting edge foodies are taking the time to sprout them. There is some evidence that

Mason Jar Whipped Cream (in Blender)

We used to make whipped cream in a big bowl with an electric hand mixer, but I’m happy to announce that now we have

Mason Jar BBQ Sauce

We just made a couple pans of barbecue ribs using this great beer barbecue recipe. And of course all the extra barbecue sauce made

Salad Dressing

The biggest problem with home made salad dressing is that the vinegar separates from the oil very quickly. You have to be able to

Mason Jar Wedding Favors

This is a guest post by Brittany from She’s known for her paleo dessert recipes, beauty reviews and DIY ideas! Right now I’m

Carrot Cake

Microwave mug cakes are a great way to have instant cake! Like with all microwave mug cakes, these should be eaten immediately or they

Silverware Caddy

I really like the convenience of keeping silverware in mason jars or silverware caddies in general. You can take your whole silverware collection and

Pourable Mason Jars

These mason jar caps are a great invention. They turn any standard mason jar – of any size – into a pourable container with

Mason Jar Sauerkraut

This is guest post from Shannon. Sauerkraut is easy, it happens automatically. Stuff the right amount of cabbage, salt and water into a jar

Mason Jar Cheesecake Recipe

Here’s a recipe to make miniature cheesecakes that can be stored together in the fridge and brought to work 1 at a time.  

Five Minute Jar Cake

    This recipe is called “The Most Dangerous” chocolate cake recipe in the world – because you can have cake at a moment’s

Butter in a Mason Jar

If you don’t mind a physically exhausting adventure in food preparation, you can make your own butter in a mason jar. It’ll really make

Sourdough Starter in a Mason Jar

Modern bread is made with highly efficient industrial yeasts. While this yeast is very predictable and faster than Usain Bolt on an airport conveyor walkway,

No-Pectin Pear Jam that Tastes Great

Pears are one of those fruits without a whole lot of personality. A fruit like plums or peaches or raspberries can stand on its own in

Fast & Easy Fruit Dicing!

Today I processed my weight in pears. It was a very long day of peeling, coring, slicing, boiling and water bath canning. We were