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Cocktail Shaker

This is the next in an awfully long series on alcoholic uses for mason jars. The mason jars on this site are obviously not your grandma’s

Mason Jar Martini Glass

By now everyone has seen mason jar wine glasses in stores, usually up near the register where they put impulse buys. But what about

The Mason Jar Drinking Mug Attachment

The Cuppow mason jar attachment turns any wide mouth mason jar into the same kind of mug you might buy from the coffee shop.

One-cup Filter Cone Mason Jar Attachment

I grew up with parents who made coffee one mug at a time with a one-cup filter cone. Unlike percolators and drip machines you

Mason Jar Banana Milk Shake Recipe

Milkshakes are great. But you know something’s wrong when a small milkshake from Ben & Jerry’s contains 1200 calories, more than half the calories

Mocha Frappuccino in a Mason Jar

This is the recipe for my Mocha Frappuccino clone created with nothing but mason jars. The coffee base I use is the remains from the

Whiskey Glass

Faced with a complete lack of whiskey glasses, we once again cracked open the mason jar boxes to find something that could sub in.

Beer Mug

Mason jars make excellent beer mugs, especially if you’ve ever needed a way to cap and keep beer in the fridge overnight. These mugs

Teacup and Teapot

Fancy a jar of tea?   This is our tea set, brewing a special blend called “organic coffee chai.”  We actually own a “real”

Mason Jar Shot Glasses

I suppose the mason jar shot glass was inevitable – mason jars are becoming very common vessels for any liquor type you can imagine. On

French Press

I know covering coffee container uses for mason jars 2 days in a row is committing a cardinal blogging sin, but one of our

Coffee Mug to Go

I’ve likely owned dozens of coffee mugs in my life, but none have made as perfect a carrier as a humble mason jar. Unlike

Wine Glasses

Unless you’re a pro glass blower, this isn’t a mason jar craft you’ll be making yourself. Mason jar wine glasses are really hip right

Coffee Mug

This is a recent American invention called the “holdster.” Its kickstarter campaign surprised the world when an army of  hipsters appeared out of nowhere