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Baby Announcement

There’s a lot of creative ways couples are announcing their new babies to the world, here’s one we¬†came up with using mason jars. We


It’s hard to resist collecting shells at the beach, but unfortunately they often just sit around in a Ziploc bag adding to the clutter.

Tea Light Candle Holder

My wedding was a few weeks ago. You’ll be happy to know that I put my money where my blog is and used mason

Garden Lighting

Here’s some ultra classy mason jar path lights. You can make your own mason jar garden light with the following: Stiff wire Garden hook

Mason Jar Halloween Decorations!

This great idea comes from Lucy who says “It’s a great way to use spare mason jars around halloween!” Pint-sized mason jars form these

Table Lamp

This is a piece of mason jar art from Michael on Etsy. As with some of our previous mason jar crafts, this isn’t something

DIY Mason Jar Candles

This extremely simple mason jar craft only takes a few minutes to create, and will make a gift that friends and family will rave

Mason Jar Sparklers!

A very simple mason jar idea appropriate for Independence day. Just a few sparklers in a mason jar, lit with a match, and you’re

Button Jar

A reader sends in this clever button jar with buttons welded to the lid itself! You will never be in doubt of the jar’s

Mason Jar Labels

Labeling each mason jar with care helps you tell the contents of your mason jar apart from one another. Last time I canned peach

Organizing Christmas Lights

Sure, christmas lights are great – but don’t you hate untangling them in early December? Well here’s an easy solution. You can coil up

Mason Jar Snow Globes

You don’t have to be a toy maker to make a professional looking snow globe any more! You can make very nice scenes with

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

These have gotten so popular at weddings that they’re now spilling over into everyday life. It’s spawning an entire industry around mason jar centerpieces.

Piggy Bank

I’ll admit right off the bat that this mason jar craft isn’t very special or creative at all. It’s the combinations you can make

Picture Frames

Picture frames are a very creative decorative use for some mason jars. This particular jarnut made a beach scene with theirs.