Mason Jar Techniques Archive

How to Remove Sticker Glue from Anything

I buy all kinds of things that come packaged in mason jars. Honey, tomato sauce, applesauce, jam – anything that fits a regular or

Butter in a Mason Jar

If you don’t mind a physically exhausting adventure in food preparation, you can make your own butter in a mason jar. It’ll really make

Sourdough Starter in a Mason Jar

Modern bread is made with highly efficient industrial yeasts. While this yeast is very predictable and faster than Usain Bolt on an airport conveyor walkway,

Fast & Easy Fruit Dicing!

Today I processed my weight in pears. It was a very long day of peeling, coring, slicing, boiling and water bath canning. We were

Easy No Pectin Jam

Last year I made plum jam without pectin and it was the best jam I had ever made in my life. I’m trying to

Packing Mason Jars

We just moved all our possessions across half the width of canada in a pickup. And yes this includes all our mason jars. There’s