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Mason Jar Salad

These are great to-go lunch salads that can be customized to your preference and eaten with a fork. Although really easy to make, you’ll

French Press

I know covering coffee container uses for mason jars 2 days in a row is committing a cardinal blogging sin, but one of our

Piggy Bank

I’ll admit right off the bat that this mason jar craft isn’t very special or creative at all. It’s the combinations you can make

Wine Glasses

Unless you’re a pro glass blower, this isn’t a mason jar craft you’ll be making yourself. Mason jar wine glasses are really hip right

Gravity Defying Shelving

Double your shelf space by fastening mason jar lids on the bottom. Instead of screwing the top on and off, you just screw the entire jar.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are a very creative decorative use for some mason jars. This particular jarnut made a beach scene with theirs.